Account SOLD – 919 ilvl Paladin – 23815 Achievement Points – SCARAB LORD – 5x Realm First – Tier3 – TCG Mounts – Black Proto-Drake & much more!

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110 Blood Elf Paladin – Armory link

110 Orc Rogue – Armory link

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Account #121

23815 Achievement Points
146 Legacy
107 FoS
277 Mounts
450~ Pets

Most noteworthy achievements on the account:

Realm First! Challenge Conqueror: Gold
Realm First! Level 90 Shaman
Realm First! Level 85 Warlock
Realm First! Fall of the Lich King
Realm First! Death’s Demise
Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan
Ahead of the Curve: Helya
Cutting Edge: Xavius
Cutting Edge: The Black Gate
Time is a Flat Circle
I Thought He Was Supposed to Be Hard?
Cutting Edge: Ra-den
Cutting Edge: Sha of Fear
Cutting Edge: Grand Empress Shek’zeer
Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor
I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am
He Feeds On Your Tears (10 player)
Herald of the Titans
Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (Character wielding this is not on the account anymore)

Hero of the Horde: Malevolent
The Arena Master

Insane in the Membrane
Hero of Shattrath
Avast Ye, Admiral
Challenge Conqueror: Gold
A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity
Champion of Ulduar
Conqueror of Ulduar
The Undying
The Immortal
Champion of the Naaru
Hand of A’dal

277 Mounts, here are some of the most notable ones:

Amani War Bear
Armored Razzashi Raptor
Black Proto-Drake
Black Qiraji Battle Tank – SCARAB LORD MOUNT!
Ashes of Al’ar
Blazing Drake
Drake of the North Wind
Flametalon of Alysrazor
Grand Expedition Yak
Headless Horseman’s Mount
Life-Binder’s Handmaiden
Long-Forgotten Hippogryph
Magic Rooster
Mimiron’s Head
Pureblood Fire Hawk
Raven Lord
Sea Turtle
Slate Primordial Direhorn
Spectral Tiger
Spectral Wind Rider
Swift Razzashi Raptor
Swift Zulian Panther
Vitreous Stone Drake
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME

T3 in Wadrobe:
T3 Paladin: Chest
T3 Druid: Shoulders/Boots/Chest
T3 Rogue: Shoulders/Bracers
T3 Warlock: Belt
T3 Priest: Head/Shoulders/Gloves
T3 Hunter: Head/Shoulders/Gloves/Belt
T3 Mage: Boots/Shoulders/Bracers


The main is a lvl 110 Blood Elf Ret paladin
919 ilvl
930 ilvl weapon
AK 40
52 Traits
30k gold

Chain of Thrayn
Soul of the Highlord
Aegisjalmur, the Armguards of Awe
Justice Gaze
Uther’s Guard

Other goodies in bag:
Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds (original)
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

110 Orc Assassination Rogue
911 ilvl
AK 40
51 Traits
Zoldyck Family Training Shackles

Transmog (in bags):
Primal Gladiator’s Greatcloak (Warlords Season 1)
Primal Gladiator’s Tabard (Warlords Season 1)
Primal Gladiator’s Cleaver (Warlords Season 1 Elite)
Tabard of Flame
MoP CM set
Teebu’s Blazing Longsword
Crown of Woe

Old legendaries:
Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury
Eye of Sulfuras
Warglaive of Azzinoth (Main hand)
Fangs of the Father
Maalus, the Blood Drinker

110 Destro Warlock
878 ilvl

Power Cord of Lethtendris

110 Tauren Death Knight
868 ilvl

110 Undead Priest
860 ilvl

76 Blood Elf Pala
Arcanite Ripper
Full Scarlet Crusade set + tabard
Tabard of the Argent Dawn

19 Gnome Rogue Twink
Full Blackened Defias set
Tunic of Westfall
2x Shadowfang
Footpad’s Shirt

70 Dwarf Rogue
Sergeant (r3 vanilla PVP)
Tabard of the Protector

Arena Master
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Avenger of Hyjal
Bane of the Fallen King
Blackwing’s Bane
Bloodsail Admiral
Champion of Ulduar
Champion of the Frozen Wastes
Champion of the Naaru
Conqueror of Ulduar
Darkspear Revolutionary
Death’s Demise
Defender of a Shattered World
Delver of the Vaults
Destroyer’s End
Flame Keeper
Guardian of Cenarius
Hand of A’dal
Hellscream’s Downfall
Herald of the Titans
Liberator of Orgrimmar
Master of the Ways
Savior of Azeroth
Scarab Lord
Seeker of Knowledge
Storm’s End
Twilight Vanquisher
of Orgrimmar
of Sen’jin
of Silvermoon
of Thunder Bluff
of the Ashen Verdict
of the Four Winds
of the Horde
of the Nightfall
of the Undercity
the Argent Champion
the Argent Defender
the Astral Walker
the Beloved
the Camel-Hoarder
the Diplomat
the Exalted
the Explorer
the Fearless
the Flamebreaker
the Hallowed
the Immortal
the Insane
the Kingslayer
the Light of Dawn
the Love Fool
the Noble
the Patient
the Pilgrim
the Seeker
the Stormbreaker
the Tranquil Master
the Undaunted
the Wakener


Paladin, Rogue, Priest, Death Knight, Warlock




T3, Realm First, Scarab Lord, Mists of Pandaria Challenge Mode


Orc, Undead, Tauren, Blood Elf

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