Lifetime Support Policy


We at MMOagent are proud to say that we offer a Lifetime Support Policy. This means that every purchase you make on MMOagent, comes with lifetime support.
That means first and foremost that you can keep in contact with us at any point in time if you have any questions, but most importantly – we will do everything in our power to assist you in case of account theft, suspension, or any other problem that might occur.
We expect your full cooperation, and that you be clear on your issue and do not withhold any vital information regarding your issue. If you were to fail in following these simple guidelines, we will not help you, and you will lose your right to partake in the lifetime support policy.

If you were to let us keep the SQA private to you, the lifetime support policy will increase in effect. This way both parties are more safe. We are protected against fraudulent activities, and you, the buyer is protected by our Lifetime Support Policy on a much larger scale.

We recommend that you keep an authenticator activated on your account at all times. This will increase your account security, and basically exterminate the chances of being hacked. You can read more about Blizzard’s authenticator here, on their own website.

By performing an account name change, selling the account, hacking or botting, you are no longer valid to partake in our Lifetime Support Policy









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