1. Accounts

1.1 What info do i get when i buy an account?
Upon purchasing an account from MMOagent, you will receive the Email, Password and Answer to the account’s secret question. ID picture of the account’s previous owner will not be given upon purchase. If you need ID for anything account-related, you will have to consult us, and we will help you as a part of our lifetime support policy.

1.2 Which region are your accounts?
Current, all of our accounts are on EU-side. We are looking to expand to US accounts aswell in the near future.

1.3 Can i reserve an account?
Yes, you can reserve an account for 48 hours. With a 20% upfront payment, you are allowed to reserve the account for up to 1 week. During this time, the account will be taken down from the website. You will not receive any account information until the account is fully paid for.

1.4 Am i allowed to ask for refund or return an account?
We do not accept refunds or returns if the account details has been given to you.

1.5 Do you buy accounts?
Yes. You will have to fill our a from here with relevant account information and expected price. When we have received the info, we will come back to you as soon as we have made a decision.

1.6 How long do I have to wait for my account?
After you’ve performed a successful purchase of an account, you can expect us to deliver the account within 48 hours. If we do not deliver within 48 hours, you can expect a compensation from us(unless stated otherwise).

2. TCG

2.1 What is WoW TCG?
WoW TCG is short for World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. WoW TCG cards are collectible cards that players can use to battle against each other outside of the game. It uses a card-game style, and can in many ways be similar to Blizzard’s new game Hearthstone. WoW TCG was released in 2006, and players could purchase the TCG cards in stores. The WoW TCG was discontinued in 2013, and the cards are no longer being produced.

2.2 What is a TCG loot card?
In order to get WoW TCG cards, you would have to buy boosters of cards in stores. These boosters came in 20 different expansions, and each expansion contains 3 different loot cards. 1 Uncommon, usually 1 every 11 boosters. 1 Rare, usually 1 every 132 boosters, and Epic loot which usually is 1 every 264 boosters. Some expansions have different rarities on their loot cards.

2.3 What is Blizzcon loot card?
Blizzard hosts a yearly event called Blizzcon. Attendees of this event receives something called a goodie bag. This goodie bag contains several blizzard related items, including a physical card to redeem for in-game World of Warcraft loot. In later years, players who purchased the Blizzcon virtual ticket, received that year’s Blizzcon loot in their in-game mailbox.

2.4 How do i redeem my TCG/Blizzcon loot card?
For WoW TCG go here. When you’ve received your code, go to Booty Bay and talk to Landro Longshot.
For Blizzcon loot: Blue Murloc Egg, Big Blizzard Bear and Murloc Costume go here. After you’ve received your code go to Zas’Tysh (horde), or Ransin Donner (alliance)
For Tyrael’s Hilt, go here. After you’ve received your code, go to Edward Cairn (horde), or Ian Drake (alliance).
For all other Blizzcon loots, go here and you will receive the in-game loot in the mailbox of the first character you log into

2.5 Is it worth it?
Yes. To put this into perspective, a Spectral Tiger card appears once per 484 packs in the Fires of Outland TCG expansion. At the time of writing, the Fires of Outland booster box which contains 24 booster packs costs 249 euro (incl shipping) on eBay. You would need to buy 20 these to be able to get one Spectral Tiger loot card. That would be a grand total of 4980 euro.

The Red Bearon appears once every 264 packs in the Drums of War TCG expansion. The booster boxes also contains 24 packs per box. At the time of writing a box costs 120 euro (incl shipping) on eBay. You would need to buy 11 of these to be able to get one The Red Bearon loot card. That would be a grand total of 1320 euro.

3. General

3.1 What do you mean by Digital Delivery?
Upon purchasing a WoW TCG code from us, you will instantly receive an email with the TCG code you’ve purchased. The code will also appear under My account -> Orders on our website.

3.2 Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal, and credit card through PayPal.

3.3 Do you offer any payment plans?
No, we do not offer any payment plans at the moment.

3.4 What currencies can i pay in?
We only accept EURO (€). PayPal will convert your currency into EURO if you try to purchase in another currency.

3.5 Is my personal information secure?
All personal information will be kept secret and secure. If ID picture is required upon purchase, the ID will usually not be passed along to the new owner of the account. If they, for some reason, need ID for anything account-related, they have to consult us, and we will take care of it as a part of our lifetime support policy.







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