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gives you an unique opportunity to buy WoW TCG loot for the cheapest price available. We offer instant delivery through email and here on our website. MMOagent offers a wide range of WoW TCG loot cards ranging from Mounts, Pets, Appearances, Toys, Blizzcon & Others. We offer a wide range of cards from all categories.

MMOagent strives to be the cheapest in the WoW TCG Market. We want YOU to have a pleasant experience buying from us, therefore we have made a system that delivers your WoW TCG loot code directly to you by email, seconds after purchase.

What is WoW TCG?

WoW TCG, short for World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, was a collectible card game based on WoW. The TCG was announced in 2005, and players could start buying packs of cards in the stores as early as 2006. In these packs there is a set chance to receive a loot card that you can redeem in-game at Landro Longshot in Booty Bay. The Card game was discontinued in 2013, and the card packs are no longer being produced.

Digital Delivery

We offer instant digital delivery. Upon doing a successful purchase, you will receive an email with your purchased TCG code within seconds! No more having to wait days, or weeks for your WoW TCG card to arrive! We at MMOagent are proud to announce our new delivery system.

How do I redeem WoW TCG cards?

Step 1. Go to Blizzard’s redemption site
Step 2. Type in your desired region and server. Note that WoW TCG loot cards are not region bound. These can be used in any region (as far as we know). Then type in your code and click “Redeem code”
Step 3. Now a new code with pop up on you screen, then you go to your desired realm, and fly to Booty Bay. There you need to find Landro Longshot
Step 4. Find the correct expansion for your WoW TCG card, select your item and enter the code.
Step 5. Enjoy your new and epic WoW TCG loot!

Is it worth it?

Yes. To put this into perspective, a Spectral Tiger card appears once per 484 packs in the Fires of Outland TCG expansion. At the time of writing, the Fires of Outland booster box which contains 24 booster packs costs 249 euro (incl shipping) on eBay. You would need to buy 20 these to be able to get one Spectral Tiger loot card. That would be a grand total of 4980 euro.

The Red Bearon appears once every 264 packs in the Drums of War TCG expansion. The booster boxes also contains 24 packs per box. At the time of writing a box costs 120 euro (incl shipping) on eBay. You would need to buy 11 of these to be able to get one The Red Bearon loot card. That would be a grand total of 1320 euro.

Can i get banned for buying WoW TCG loot codes?

No. You’re not directly buying in-game items, you’re buying a code from a physical TCG card, meaning that our transaction here is never in-game and never touches anything close to WoW. It would’ve been against Blizzard’s ToS if you purchased in-game goods and services. With WoW TCG loot codes from us, you’re completely safe, and you have a ZERO percent chance of get banned.

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